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What kind of BlackBerry applications would you consider valuable to you? How about speech to text software that works -- works great, puts your email, SMS, calendar and memopad on steroids, and syncs with your business data?


Ample Dictation Time: Speak comfortably and naturally, for up to 3 minutes. Professional business messages need to carry information content, so take your time and convey that information comfortably.
Accurate and Secure: Be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Our voice recognition software system is accurate and secure.
Convenience Key: Compose new Email with a single click of the convenience key, without even looking at your BlackBerry® smartphone. Say: "Send email to John Smith, subject Update, message Hi John....". Another click, and you are done.

Compose, Reply, Reply All: When you speak your reply to an existing email, the quoted text is included.
Forward: You can include attachments.
Review Before Send: You control this option. Sometimes you feel like proof-reading, sometimes you don't.
Support for Multiple Email Accounts
Support for PIN Messages: Compose PIN messages, or reply to existing ones.
BlackBerry® Devices: Supports all BlackBerry® devices on OS 4.2.1 and higher, including BlackBerry® Storm, Tour, Bold, Pearl, Curve, 8900, 8800, and 8700.
Carriers: Works on all major carriers worldwide.
Language: Currently supports English language.

BlackBerry application -- Compose Email
SMS / Text Messaging

One button SMS: Use the Convenience Key for one button access to speech to text SMS
Hands Free: When you pair your BlackBerry with a Bluetooth headset, you can send messages with your voice while keeping your hands free.

PIM Functions

As if "invisible and eveywhere", this BlackBerry application becomes a part of the menu, not just in Email, but also in Calendar, Tasks, Memopad, and Conctacts.

Calendar: With your voice, create new appointments, and add notes to an appointment.
Tasks: Create a new task, add notes to task.
Memopad: Taking a walk, and just had a new idea? With a single click of a convenience key, simply speak a new memo. Or, pull up an existing memo and append more material to it.
Contact Notes: For any of your contacts on your BlackBerry®, you can now dictate or append notes.

BlackBerry application -- Compose Calendar Appointment
Sync with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail

With MyCaption, your email is sent from your BlackBerry®, by your BlackBerry®, fully supporting your synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, exactly as before. Learn how this is made possible by our smartphone centered architecture.

Compatible with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

If your company has deployed the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, you may be accessing your Microsoft® Exchange, IBM® Lotus® Domino® or Novell® GroupWise® email on-the-go on your BlackBerry® smartphone. You also have access to calendar, memos, tasks, and contacts. Well, good news for you. MyCaption supports connectivity to your system. All you have to do is to set one option ("Use BES") to Yes.

Or, simply, one customer summarized it: "MyCaption -- One of the Best BlackBerry Applications for Business".