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For Developers -- Speech to Text API

If you could delight your customers by adding speech recognition capability to your product quickly, would you? If you could increase the pricing power of your products, would you?

Speech to Text -- it's an idea whose time has come. Whether you are selling a mobile app, a Unified Communications system, or a CRM app, your customers are asking for an alternative to using small keyboards. Speech is the natural alternative.

How Easy Is It to Get Started?

As easy as making HTTP calls -- you post your audio file, and typically a couple of minutes later, you download your text. Or we send the text to you at a Callback URL you specify. The text can be in multiple fields. Try it for yourself and see how simple it is.
Get Started Now

Try out MyCaption API. Developer's Guide and Sample Code included.

To get started, send us an email: api@mycaption.com
Simple Pricing: We offer simple, usage-based pricing. You pay by the audio minutes you process. No minimum traffic requirements, no long term contracts.

What Kind of Speech to Text Capability?

Continuous speech, natural language dictation in English, up to 3 minutes long. We are offering you access to the same platform that powers our flagship BlackBerry application. We use a combination of speech recognition technology, human editors, and proprietary CPT (Confidentiality Protection Technology). The result? Speech recognition software system that works; that is both accurate and secure.

Proven Reliable

We first proved our platform in the BlackBerry applications market. For more than a year, our BlackBerry app has earned rave reviews. Customers from every continent and nearly every carrier have given us thumbs up. We are members of the BlackBerry Alliance, NEC Univerge, and our solution is AT&T Certified.

Features to Help You Win

Accurate: Even for messages up to 3 minutes long. ("MyCaption brings excellent voice recognition to the BlackBerry...." -- BlackBerryNews.com )

Push Option: We can push the transcribed text to a Callback URL you specify

mobile developersMobile Developers: Enjoy all the benefits of smartphone centered architecture, including 100% delivered accuracy. Also, we support chunked transfer. For robust operation in wireless networks, you can upload your audio in multiple chunks. The platform is independent -- we welcome developers of apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile....

uc developersUnified Communications Developers:You can integrate voicemail transcription, and offer your customers a dual plan -- Standard (driven by automatic speech recognition alone), and Premium

crm developersCRM Developers: Our API supports multiple fields, and returns results in XML. Our native support for Microsoft Outlook synchronization gives you flexibility of developing email-compatible solutions for CRM, in addition to giving you the control to make API calls directly to CRM systems.

Questions? Write to us -- api@mycaption.com

BlackBerry Alliance Member                  AT&T Certified Solution