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From visual voicemail to text -- accurate voicemail transcription
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From Visual Voicemail to Text -- Accurate Voicemail Transcription

Do you get visual voicemail? Are you using an IP PBX or a hosted phone system? If your business telephone system sends you visual voicemail -- sends your voicemail as audio files attached to emails -- we can convert your voicemail to text. MyCaption's highly rated voice recognition software system can now give you accurate voicemail transcription. You can receive it as transcribed (text) email, so you can read it quickly and silently. We deliver it to you with audio file attached, and with transcribed text in the body of the email.

  • Save time and money.
  • Boost your productivity. Read your voicemail quickly and silently.
  • Highly accurate transcription of voice mail to text.
  • Very simple setup. Instead of forwarding voicemail to your email address, you forward it to a special Forward-to-MyCaption address, which you will receive when you sign up.
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"I've been using MyCaption for a little over a month and I don't think I would be able to give up the service after this. The ability to read voicemails during meetings, or simply check an email for our multiple voicemail boxes is now an essential part of our business. I would, and have recommended this service to a number of friend and clients. Thanks MyCaption!"
Matt Gibson, Flewid Inc.

"Quick and efficient, this voicemail service has increased the productivity of our company, keeping us in constant contact with our customers. Both in text and in attached audio file, you can always get your messages on the go. This service has been very helpful for all of our employees."
Michael Babcock, GW Hosting